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There are so many ways that you can use elements in your wedding invitation if your big day is happening during this chilly time of the year. Discover ideas on how to design your wedding invitations before deciding on what works best for you.

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Well as for the overall format of your wedding invitation you must first decide whether you want your invitations to be formal or more casual in style. All the elements for the invitations should be in sync with the theme of your wedding. The fonts used, the tone of the message or even the color of the paper should all be in line with your wedding theme.

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Every pretty wedding invitation can be made extra special with the use of small embellishments and accessories. Chic satin ribbons and bows, decorative pearls, semi-precious gemstones, artificial flowers, sparkly stick-ons, etc., can transform an ordinary wedding invitation into a stunning one. If you want you can also use miniature Christmas bells and artificial snowflakes to add some cheer to your wedding invitations.

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